‘Aging Gratefully’ COVID-19 now for sale and rent

coho jim zoom

The interviews were all conducted in a ZOOM room and recorded with web cameras.

How can we reimagine a different “American Way” that emphasizes collaboration and consensus above winning and losing; balancing the needs of the individual with that of the whole?

These are two questions the new documentary memoir by Alan O’Hashi and Boulder Community Media explores.

Buy or rent “Aging Gratefully: COVID-19, Catharsis, and Community.” The movie was shot in a ZOOM room with webcameras and an iPhone 6s.

“Aging Gratefully: COVID-19, Catharsis, and Community” is the sixth in the “Aging Gratefully” documentary memoir series. It’s an update to the 2015 project, “The Power of Community.”


Silver Sagers are seasoned ZOOM room users.

The 2020 project includes the same group of interviewees who talked about their experiences at the Silver Sage Village Cohousing Community since 2015 and during the coronavirus pandemic. All Silver Sage meetings and social activities are either conducted in ZOOM rooms or social distanced outdoors in the courtyard.

  • Margaret Porter – retired from the federal government and founding member;
  • Jim Leach – was the Silver Sage Village developer and cohousing pioneer who has built 20 communities;
  • Henry Kroll – has a story arc that was the most life changing;
  • John Huyler – is a retired meeting facilitator;
  • Ann Miles – is the newest member to the community;
  • Angela Bryan – is a neuro-science researcher at the University of Colorado who is studying the link between life longevity, social interaction, and physical activity
  • Chuck Durrett of Durrett Architects and,
  • Katie McCamant of Cohousing Solutions – are considered to be the originators of cohousing in the United States.

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